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Serving The Flathead Valley

Welcome, we're glad you've joined us on the web! LN Home Inspections LLC is a certified home inspection business, in addition, a federally licensed remote drone operating business. Our aim is to provide you the most professional, thorough and pleasant home inspection experience possible!

Utilizing today's technologies, we are able to offer you aerial drone inspections when you schedule a Standard Home Inspection! In addition, should you need a to utilize our drone services for your other needs, such as a bird's-eye-view of your chimney/roof or even overhead photos/videos of your property, contact us and we'll use our technology and expertise to assist you!

As indicated below and relative to our Standard Home Inspection services, all the major elements of your potential new home will be audited during our home inspection. Our home inspection is to notify you of any potential problem(s), defect(s) and/or damage to the property. Once the inspection has completed, you will receive a detailed report with all the findings of the audited inspection points within a timely manner, guaranteed!

Offering Aerial Drone Inspection Services!

LN Home Inspections LLC is federally licensed for home inspections. Utilizing a remote drone for aerial home/property inspections is less expensive, safer for the inspector and more time-efficient. These facets help both parties, as the drone can access areas of the average home an inspector cannot and may not be able to reach and/or see. Deploying my drone for your home/property inspection affords me a birds-eye view of your property, in turn, this contributes to a more thorough inspection.

For potential new home owners, as part of our aerial home drone inspection, we are also able to capture high-quality photos and videos of your home/property, agricultural lot(s) and land boundaries (corners). We can also utilize our drone to record exterior house photos and videos for home owners and realtors/real estate agencies for your advertising/marketing purposes.

Should you have any questions relative to our Aerial Drone Inspection Services, please do not hesitating in contacting us, we'll be more than glad to answer any question(s) you may have!

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